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Starlight Volunteers are enthusiastic, positive advocates who use their initiative, have fun and find it a rewarding experience that enriches their lives!

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Please keep in mind, that if you are under 18 years old, you must complete a Parent Guardian consent form, which you can download here. Once completed, you can upload the form upon registration.

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Terms and Conditions

Starlight Team Member Declaration


Starlight’s Safeguarding Children and Young People policy is that as an organisation, we do all that we can ethically, morally and legally to safeguard the children and young people we work with from sexual, physical, emotional or psychological abuse. This is done by defining expected behaviours and processes to support a culture that priorities the safeguarding of children, young people and families engaging in Starlight programs and fundraising activities. Starlight ensures all team members are appropriately trained and are fully aware of their individual responsibilities in safeguarding the children, young people and families engaging in Starlight programs and fundraising activities.


By accepting this role, you are taken to have given the Starlight Children’s Foundation an assurance that you have not been and do not intend to be:– Found guilty by a Court of a sexual offence against the person of a student or child; or– Dismissed from any employment on the grounds that you were/are involved in improper conduct of a sexual nature with a student or child; or– Retired or resigned from any employment following allegations that you were involved in improper conduct of asexual nature with a student or child; or– Advised by any employer that your name is included on a list of those not to be employed in a child-related area of activity. If you cannot give this assurance, you should not accept the role as a Starlight Team Member with the Starlight Children’s Foundation. If you accept a role as a Starlight Team Member with the Starlight Children’s Foundation when you are not in a position to give such assurance, the Starlight Children’s Foundation may cease your role without notice. 


Starlight Children’s Foundation reputation and its status as a charitable organisation impose high expectations of professional and ethical behaviour. Starlight’s reputation depends on the integrity of its Starlight Team Members. Starlight Team Members carry enormous responsibility and the way that trust is discharged to a great extent determines Starlight’s success and the place of pride it enjoys in the community and in society at large. Starlight Team Members must adhere to the following:– Agree to use a prescribed degree of care to maintain the security of any confidential information; and– Treat everyone with dignity and respect.ID DECLARATIONI will only wear the Starlight ID badge when representing Starlight at authorised events. I will adhere to the appropriate behaviour as outlined in the Code of Conduct for Starlight Team Members. I will maintain the strictest confidentiality about the children, young people and their families. I agree the ID card and all Starlight branded clothing and uniforms are the property of the Starlight Children’s Foundation and that immediately I cease to be a Starlight Team Member for Starlight, I will return all items to Starlight. I accept that should I behave in a manner which is not in accordance with the code of conduct or unbeneficial to Starlight that my Starlight Team Member status may be terminated at Starlight’s discretion. Team Member Declaration(Under 18 years of age) 


I recognise that as a Starlight Team Member of the Starlight Children’s Foundation, I may learn certain facts and have access to records that are of highly personal and confidential nature. I understand that such information, which may include medical condition and treatment, relations with family members, names and addresses of individuals and their friends and family, and other records pertaining to Starlight Team Members and clients is Confidential Information. I agree that I will not disclose any Confidential Information to any person who is not employed by or a Starlight Team Member for the Starlight Children’s Foundation unless I have received the written authorisation of the Chairman of the Board of Directors or a written consent of the person(s) to whom the information relates.

I agree to terms and conditions